Check usage resource in Oracle

Sometimes you want to check, which process that make your oracle database heavy and what program is it ?

You can use this script to check your Oracle DB process

SELECT s.status “Status”, s.serial# “Serial#”, s.TYPE “Type”, s.username
“DB User”, s.osuser “Client User”, s.server “Server”, s.machine
“Machine”, s.module “Module”, s.client_info “Client Info”, s.terminal
“Terminal”, s.ROW_WAIT_BLOCK# “Resources” ,s.program “Program”, p.program “O.S. Program”, s.logon_time
“Connect Time”, lockwait “Lock Wait”, si.physical_reads “Physical Reads”, si.block_gets “Block Gets”, si.consistent_gets
“Consistent Gets”, si.block_changes “Block Changes”, si.consistent_changes “Consistent Changes”, s.process “Process”,
p.spid,, si.sid, s.audsid, s.sql_address “Address”, s.sql_hash_value “Sql Hash”, s.action
FROM v$session s, v$process p, sys.v_$sess_io si
WHERE s.paddr = p.addr(+) AND si.sid(+) = s.sid



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