H1B Requirement

For those who want to work in US, you should have H1B Visa.

Here’s the H1B requirement that you need to fulfill. I got this requirement from Trignos, when they offered me a job to SV


H-1B Petition Requirements & Questionnaire


    Documents Required


  1. Employee Data Sheet ( Refer page 2 of this document).
  2. Up-to-date/ Latest  Resume
  3. Copies of diplomas and/or transcripts from universities which you have attended (both in the US and overseas – if document is in a foreign language, a translation must be provided).
  4. Copy of education evaluation report (if available).
  5. Copy of Forms I-20 and Employment Authorization document (if applicable).
  6. Copy of Form I-94 (front and back) for you, your spouse and children (if applicable).
  7. Copies of all pages of  Passport (excluding blank pages).
  8. Copies of all prior H-1B approval notices (if applicable)
  9. Copy of three most recent pay stubs or employment verification letter.

10. Copy of employment reference letters.

11. Copy of training course certification(s).

12. If previously in J-1 status, copies of all forms IAP-66 and waiver of two-year foreign residency Requirement (if applicable)

  1. 13.  U.S Drivers License copy ( if applicale).
  2. 14.  Marriage certificate ( if married and need H4 for spouse).
  3. 15.  Birth Certificate for children. ( if applicable ).
  4. 16.  Copies of all pages of  Passport  for spouse / children , if applicable (excluding blank pages).


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