GPRS / Data Services


Quality of Service (QoS) is sets of parameters used to differentiate the quality of services 🙂

QoS for GPRS/UMTS has a standard.

UMTS QoS R99 based on 3GPP TS 23.107 (ETSI TS 123 107) – Quality of Service (QoS) concept and architecture

QoS – ETSI TS 123 107

The GPRS QoS functions, based on Release 99 QoS, also include the following:

  • Guaranteed Bit Rate (GBR) admission control
  • Packet Flow Control (PFC)
  • Overload Protection (OLP)
  • Maximum Bit Rate (MBR) policing
  • 3GPP-to-Internet Protocol (IP) QoS mapping rules
  • Queueing, scheduling, and flow control (GSM)

Sample of Optional QoS is High Speed Downlink Packet Access Support (HSDPA Support)


Here’s the sample of QoS implementation in MAP InsertSubscriberData message, using our test number that we have modify for testing purpose



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