Beautiful Indonesia

Beautiful Indonesia – Medan

Medan, is one of the big city in Indonesia. Medan reside in Sumatra Island, specifically in North Sumatra.

There’s a lot of beautiful place in Medan, for eg. Toba Lake (Danau Toba). There’s Samosir Island (Pulau Samosir) surounded by Toba Lake. Not only has a beautiful view, in Samosir Island you can find a tradisional batakness culture. Batakness is the origin tribe on North Sumatra.

Toba Lake

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Inner Medan

If you don’t have much time to travel to Toba Lake and Samosir Island, don’t forget to visit this place. These are some historical place in Medan.

Great Mosque of Medan (Masjid Agung)

Maimoen Palace (Istana Maimun)

Maimoen palace was build by Sultan Ma’moen Al-Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah on 26 Aug 1888 and been done in 18 May 1891. Design with traditional Melayu’s style following Islamic Indian (Moghul) style which has rule the Kingdom of Deli



One thought on “Beautiful Indonesia – Medan

  1. Fantastic photos! Thank you for sharing these. You have piqued my interest in your country and I’m going to see if I can convince my wife to travel there with me!

    Posted by chford | March 13, 2013 10:47:52, 10:47 pm

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