Beautiful Indonesia

Beautiful Indonesia – Safarical Garden (Taman Safari)

If you live in Jakarta, Bandung or Bogor. You should came to Safarical Garden in Bogor. It’s a very good place for taking out your stress. You can see a beautiful view, animals and you can feel the taste of fresh air. It’s better to take your family also, because you can also teach the animal name for your child.

Safarical Garden around 2-3 hours by car from Jakarta. If you want to go to Safarical Garden, you should depart at 6 am from Jakarta because there will be traffic jam in Ciawi Bogor.

Safarical Garden is a natural zoo. You can see many animals live in that garden. This place doesn’t seems like a usual zoo. We can see the animals by using our car. We can feed the food, take a photo or touch them, but of course do not leave your car if you’re in the Lion, Tiger or Bear area 🙂


After you go around by your car, you may take a rest and play. There are a lot of games and also animal shows

You can also see reptiles, kangaroo or penguin in this area

You should came to this place.




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