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Automatic telnet on shell programming

Sometimes you want to execute script on your another server automatically without rsh. What you usually do is telnet to that server and execute the script. But how to make it automatic ? You can use the tricky method bellow Asume your server target is and you want to execute /home/hnawri/ (sleep 1 echo … Continue reading

FTP from shell

Maybe it can help you to do automatic ftp from your shell script ftp -in IP_ADDRESS << EOF user username password prompt off cd $destination_dir lcd $local_dir put $files bye EOF

Get Oracle Query Result from Shell

If you want to get data from Oracle using shell, you can use this script $SQLPLUS -s $ORACLE_USER/$ORACLE_PASSWD@$ORACLE_SID << EOF >> $FILE @$SQL_SCRIPT exit EOF In order to avoid feedback and title heading, you may add set heading off set feedback off on your $SQL_SCRIPT


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